Ronald Eugene Medeiros (1954 - 2016)

Ron Medeiros died too young last week, at the home he loved so much. I knew him first as an attorney with the Division, then as a friend, and then as Of Counsel to the Robert D. Peterson Law Corporation.

Ron was the opposing Cal/OSHA attorney in my first hearing. Then, as always, he was courteous and professional. In those early cases he never sought to take advantage of a greenhorn. It wasn’t until I was reasonable seasoned that he took the gloves off and showed me how good he was at his practice.

Ron was one of my early mentors in Cal/OSHA law, which cannot be learned from reading the Appeals Board decisions alone. From the beginning he was always available to tutor me and offer advice - within the bounds of the rules of ethics - be it on reading a 1B for what it doesn’t say or how to figure out the calculus of a penalty worksheet. For that I will always be grateful for having known him.

I most enjoyed our conversations while he was speeding down I-5 towards a hearing which would allow him to see his children and grandkids. In those conversations he was relaxed, animated and funny. That is how I’ll remember him.

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