California OSHA Law Services

Walter & Prince LLP is dedicated to providing excellent legal advice and advocacy to our clients. Our approach emphasizes working partnerships with our clients.

Our goals include using our experience and insight to solve our clients’ immediate problems; address their strategic, long-range concerns; and being the firm they turn to in a crisis.

Teamwork is the hallmark of our practice. We consider our clients to be an integral part of the team, from the inception of a case to the final decision. Two essential objectives of successful teamwork are good communication and clear objectives. We accomplish these by providing all relevant information to our clients to help them to make well-informed decisions, by keeping our clients advised of developments throughout the course of an assignment, and by working with them to develop realistic goals and action plans.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss how our team can help you meet your goals.

Our Areas of Expertise


We assist employers through all phases of the Cal/OSHA inspection process, from initial site visit through hearing and beyond, working directly with each employer to ensure the best achievable outcome. Read More


We are available to help throughout the Fed/OSHA inspection and appeal process, and will work with employers at each step in order to achieve the best possible resolution. Read More

​Serious and Willful Misconduct

We defend employers’ interests throughout the WCAB claim process and will work closely with both the employer and its carrier in order to minimize or eliminate the potential liability of serious and willful misconduct claims. Read More

Crisis Management

We offer experienced liability defense in crisis situations, working with employers as well as their insurance carriers and brokers. We also provide safety audits and risk management services. Read More

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