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OPU - What to do about it

So the dreaded yellow placard, an Order Prohibiting Use (OPU), has been placed on one of your machines or your entire worksite. What should you do now… Read More
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When Cal/OSHA inspectors come across a hazard which they believe is an “imminent” risk for death or serious physical harm to employees, they have… Read More
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New Heat Illness Reg Effective May Day

It’s official: The emergency changes to California’s Heat Illness Prevention Program regulation will go into effect and enforcement will start on… Read More
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Heat Illness Enforcement in High Gear

With the second hot week of the summer season upon us, Cal/OSHA today held a conference call to go over their enforcement of the heat illness regulati… Read More
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Closing Conferences: The End of the Beginning

When a Cal/OSHA or Fed/OSHA inspector sets a date for a closing conference it signals that the investigation has been completed and the content of the… Read More
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Reporting Serious Injuries to Cal/OSHA: An Update

Pursuant to Labor Code section 6409.1(b), Title 8 California Code of Regulations section 342(a) requires employers to “immediately” report the ser… Read More
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Reporting Serious Injuries to OSHA

About 20 minutes into an employers’ seminar about getting ready for OSHA, we say something like “Now, let’s talk about reporting serious injurie… Read More
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One OSHA, one seamless entity in federal and state-plan jurisdictions from Maine to Arizona, speaking with one voice when defining hazards and enforci… Read More
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