Ronald Eugene Medeiros (1954 - 2016)

Ron Medeiros died too young last week, at the home he loved so much. I knew him first as an attorney with the Division, then as a friend, and then as… Read More
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Abatement 2016: Abatement Law Becomes a Growth Industry

In our last blog we discussed how the Appeals Board was led by labor and workers’ advocacy groups to amend 8 CCR section 373 to provide an expedited… Read More
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Abatement 2016: How We Got To The Expedited Proceeding Process

We know the song says, “It’s not where you start; It’s where you finish.” But to understand where we are and discern a way forward, we need to… Read More
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Abatement 2016: Multiple Traps for Unwary Employers

The new abatement rules forced on us first by the Cal/OSHA Appeals Board in the adoption of Title 8 California Code of Regulations, section 373 http:/… Read More
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Warrant: Huh. Yeah. What is it good for?

Forgive us the word play (and the song which you now can’t get out of your head. [See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_(Edwin_Starr_song)]‎, but… Read More
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OPU - What to do about it

So the dreaded yellow placard, an Order Prohibiting Use (OPU), has been placed on one of your machines or your entire worksite. What should you do now… Read More
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When Cal/OSHA inspectors come across a hazard which they believe is an “imminent” risk for death or serious physical harm to employees, they have… Read More
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New Heat Illness Reg Effective May Day

It’s official: The emergency changes to California’s Heat Illness Prevention Program regulation will go into effect and enforcement will start on… Read More
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Sweet Spot?

The news late last week that Kari Johnson, the Cal/OSHA Appeals Board’s controversial executive officer had resigned effective immediately reminded… Read More
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The Drought is Over for Cal/OSHA

Since the recession Cal/OSHA has suffered a brain drain, through retirements and other causes. Those vacated positions went unfilled, also for multipl… Read More
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