CA Supreme Court OK's Civil Penalties for Employers Beyond Cal/OSHA Penalties

The California Supreme Court has found that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act does not prevent the state from seeking civil penalties aga… Read More
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Repeat Classifications: Fed/OSHA Can "Look Back" in Anger

In an ideal world – or even a less imperfect one – employers could rely on a federal agency’s stated policies. But we now have more proo… Read More
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Cal/OSHA's New Penalty Schedule: The Other Shoe Has Dropped

The increases in penalties Congress mandated on Fed/OSHA has finally rippled down to Cal/OSHA. Enabling legislation was passed in the last session to… Read More
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The Past Is A Foreign Country

While it’s nice to know we got our predictions of who Trump might appoint as Secretary of Labor partially right ( see our November 19, 2016 blog … Read More
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Will Repeats Become The New Normal

Starting New Year’s Day, changes to the definition and scope of Cal/OSHA’s Repeat classification will change dramatically. But there will be some… Read More
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The New High Hazard List: You May Be Surprised Who's Here

Cal/OSHA has issued its revisions to the list of High Hazard industries for fiscal year 2016-2017 and it contains some big surprises. For example, the… Read More
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Trump Won. So What?

The early money on who will be the new Secretary of Labor under President Trump is going to three people: Victoria Lipnic, a Republican appointed by P… Read More
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Abatement: Will This Conundrum Ever End?

Earlier posts on California OSHA’s new abatement rules focused on the old wise rule and the changed dynamic and conflict brought about by the new dr… Read More
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When is a Roof Just a Roof?

REPRINTED from California Constructor May/June 2016 issue It was not a matter of harmless semantics when Cal/OSHA threatened to shut a job down in Oak… Read More
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Cal/OSHA Confined by New Confined Space Rules

Fed/OSHA is in a rush to accomplish all it can before the curtain closes on the Obama Administration. Among their last-minute adoptions are new mandat… Read More
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