The Drought is Over for Cal/OSHA

Since the recession Cal/OSHA has suffered a brain drain, through retirements and other causes. Those vacated positions went unfilled, also for multiple reasons. Now, that tide is turning. The State's new-found wealth is being shared with Cal/OSHA, to the tune of $5.7 M, according to a press release issued jointly by DIR Director Christine Baker and Cal/OSHA Chief Juliann Sum.

This year's budget will allow Cal/OSHA to fill 27 previously unfunded positions in Enforcement and Consultation. It also adds a whopping 15 new positions to the Process Safety Management Unit. You may recall that following the fire at Chevron's Richmond refinery the PSM Unit came under attack from a host of critics for not conducting enough inspections, and for not digging deep enough in the inspections it did conduct.

We can only hope that along with its increased troop strength the Division re-shapes its internal culture to focus on true safety issues. This is the time to make good on all those promises to play "gotcha!" no longer.

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