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Defining the Great Outdoors

What does “outdoors” mean? As the guardian of a new puppy, the definition is very clear to me, if not yet to her. The Division does not see it so… Read More
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New Cal/OSHA Appeals Board Rules Effective July 1, 2013

The Cal/OSHA Appeals Board has adopted new procedural rules which will take effect on July 1st. Here are some highlights: Expedited Proceedings: The f… Read More
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Reporting Serious Injuries to Cal/OSHA: An Update

Pursuant to Labor Code section 6409.1(b), Title 8 California Code of Regulations section 342(a) requires employers to “immediately” report the ser… Read More
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New Chair of The Cal/OSHA Appeals Board: Art Carter

The Queen is … well, not dead, but deposed. Long live the King! What a turn-around! From expired Member to Chair in less than a week. Governor Jerry… Read More
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